Science and Technology № 14

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The newsreel has four plots. 1st plot. "UNDER THE BURNING SUN" Turkmenistan. Desert view. Otara sheep, hobbled camel in the desert. View of a pilot plant for growing chlorella in the Scientific and Production Association "Sun" of the Academy of Sciences of the Turkmen SSR. Scientists of the Solntse association, together with specialists from the Moscow Research Institute "Biotekhnika", are conducting experiments on the cultivation of chlorella in the laboratory. Chlorella view (viewed through a microscope). Laboratory glassware with labels: "Urea", "Ammophos", "Kalimagnesia", "Iron Chlorine". Various designs of industrial plants for growing chlorella in the department of heliobiological research. Sheep near the trough. The shepherd adds biomass from chlorella to the feed. 2nd plot. "UNAXIMED, SCREW ..." The plot of the magazine introduces different mechanisms that use a screw-nut transmission, which converts rotary motion into translational motion. Demonstration of the work of mechanisms and machines. Demonstration of the work of non-axial screw mechanisms. Russia, Vladimir. Consulting center of the Vladimir Polytechnic Institute, where misaligned screw mechanisms are developed. Institute staff advise visitors. 3rd plot. "ALLOY" Moscow Region, Pushchino. The laboratory assistant conducts analyzes in the laboratory. Type of the machine "Splav", designed for chemical analyzes. The assault rifle was designed at the Center for Biological Research, but was not put into mass production. Shown are individual units of the installation, the assembled machine, a demonstration of its operation. 4th plot. "THE OLD CLOCK IS STILL RUNNING" Lithuania. Klaipeda city. Various devices that mankind has used to measure time: hourglass; clock-candles; water clocks of various designs; mechanical clocks of spring action, etc. Visitors in the hall of the Museum of Clocks. The museum staff in the office study the literature on old clocks, restore the clock. The director of the clock museum, Ramuald Martinkus, is drawing the mechanism of an old clock at the table.
V. Sudeikin, E. Pokrovsky, Z. Fieldman
Film ID
engineering physics and applied mechanics
, higher education
, museums
, microbiological industry
, akademiinauksssr
, animal world
, sheep breeding
, landscapes
, time apparatus
, biology
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V. Sudeikin, E. Pokrovsky, Z. Fieldman
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