Science and Technology № 15

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Plot 1. Intercosmos. Moscow. CMEA building. The building of the Russian government (shot from the top). Flags of various countries flutter in the wind. Scientists from Bulgaria, Mongolia, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Vietnam, Cuba, Hungary at a meeting dedicated to the creation of the space program "Intercosmos". Space rocket launch. Space rocket model. Schematic representation of the influence of the solar wind on the Earth's geomagnetic field. Automated facilities of the International Organization "Intersputnik". Scientists work in the clinical meteorology laboratory. Models of meteorological missiles and satellites of the Meteor series. 1978 year. On board the Soyuz-28 spacecraft, members of the Soviet-Czechoslovak crew consisting of A.A. Gubarev and V. Remek during a series of manned flights, in which cosmonauts from all Intercosmos countries took part. Photos of the participants in the flights. Astronauts during medical examinations. Plot 2. Weaving a microcircuit. Portrait of the French inventor of the 18th century J.M. Jaccard (engraving). Many TVs on the shelves. A jacquard loom works in the workshop of one of the factories. Work is underway on the production of patterned fabrics and carpets. The technological process of producing thousands of types and modifications of woven boards, cables, loops, screens, antennas on jacquard looms. Plot 3. X-ray plus a computer. Fragments of a surgical operation in the operating room of one of the clinics. Specialists study human organs using a CT scanner. Tomographs produced by the Kiev Association "Rylie and Automation". Plot 4. Concert belfry. Photos of the Armenian musician, conductor K.S. Sarajev. Personal belongings of Saradzhev: the manuscript of the unpublished work is a unique collection of recordings of large bells of almost all bell towers and belfries in Moscow and its environs. NDP at the Moronovskaya bell tower in Moscow. c / t b / w 1920-1930s Bells from churches fall to the ground, icons burn. People are watching the destruction of churches. The bell-ringers ring the bells on the bell towers in the cities of Arkhangelsk and Rostov Veliky (sinhr.). Tourists listen to the ringing, applaud (sync.) The musician plays the bell organ in the church (sync.). in the city of Kaunas. Model of the concert belfry designed by the architect A.S. Ivanov in the city of Orenburg. The movement of vehicles along the streets of Orenburg. Technological process for the production of bells at one of the enterprises. The teacher of the Orenburg School of Music Yu.A. Avdeev gives interviews (sinhr.).
V. Shkarina, V. Man, V. Shifman, V. Matveeva
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scientific connections
, aviation industry
, textile industry
, genetics
, health care
, meteorology
, flag
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, medicine
, music
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Z. Feldman, A. Dudov, A. Rachkov, A. Slutsky
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