Science and Technology № 16

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The newsreel consists of four plots. First plot. A giant accelerator is under construction. Moscow region, Protvino, construction of a giant accelerator. The superconducting magnet is a huge installation. Scientists in the laboratory of particle physics. Second plot. A barrier against the dunes. Desert types. The wind bends down the grass among the sand, picks up the sand. The camel eats the vegetation in the desert. Scientists of the Institute of Deserts of the Academy of Sciences of the Turkmen SSR are working in the desert, in the laboratory. Model of an oil rig. Gasmen village in the desert. Poppies bloom in the desert. Third plot. Space monitoring warns. The computer processes images of the Earth from Space. Scientists at the display screen depicting the zones of pollution of the Earth's atmosphere. Views of the Aral Sea, rocks descend to the sea. Flying over the shallow Aral, boats near the shore. Scientists in the monitoring laboratory of the Committee for Hydrometeorology of the Academy of Sciences. Fourth plot. Sculpture and welding. Kiev sculptor V.Yu. Ivanov works in his workshop. Sculptural works of V.Yu. Ivanov. The master produces electric welding of the future sculpture. Sculpture of a knight in armor on a horse.
G. Iguldin, G. Chubakova
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, energy
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, computer techologies
, ecological disasters
, sculpture
, geography
Number of Parts
K. Kasumov, E. Olshevskaya, V. Rusakova
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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