Science and Technology № 2

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. About the congress, exhibition and neurosurgery. The plot tells about the 9th European Congress of Neurosurgeons in Moscow in 1991. General view of the hall and the presidium of the congress, which was held in the concert hall "Russia". General view of the halls of the exhibition of diagnostic, operating devices and surgical instruments. Visitors examine devices and surgical instruments. 2 nd plot. Full-Full Box - The plot tells about the husk of a cotton box, from which dozens of synthetic materials can be obtained. The plot includes the following filming: girls pick cotton in the field; general view of the cotton plantation. An employee of one of the laboratories conducts experiments with cotton husks, from which gossypol is released - a complex organic compound. 3rd plot. "Sovplim" means clean air! The plot tells about the activities of the Soviet-Swedish enterprise "Sovplim". General view of the emblem of the Sovplim enterprise, which produces exhaust ventilation devices. General view of the latest model of the exhaust device produced at Sovplim. 4th plot. About hobbies - seriously. General view of the collection of Dmitry I. Malkov, which contains all the information about the Leaning Tower of Pisa. View of the collection of paintings by the former dancer Yu. Zhdanov; among the paintings is a portrait of the ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. General view of the collection of bells, assembled by mechanical engineer V. Kuznetsov. View of collections of samovars, toys, kitchen utensils at the World of Hobbies exhibition in Moscow.
V. Shkarina
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scientific connections
, economic communications
, moscow
, chemistry
, collecting
, sweden
, medicine
, plant growing
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K. Kosumov, V. Rusakov, G. Chubakova, E. Olshevskaya
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