Science and Technology № 21

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The newsreel has four plots. 1st plot. "EMERGENCY IS EXACTLY ZERO". Tatarstan, Almetyevsk. Oil rig view. Drillers at work. The drilling tool is lowered into the borehole. The pipes lie near the oil rig. Water breakthrough in the casing due to a defect in the pipe. Designers of the Almetyevsk Drilling Operations Directorate are discussing a plan to build a rig for preliminary pipe inspection. Installation in operation. Pipes in the workshop and on the territory of the enterprise. 2nd plot. "KATAMARAN - AEROSTAT". Belarus (Belarus). Fish float to the surface of the water in a reservoir due to oxygen starvation, which occurred during hot, calm weather. A catamaran floats in the reservoir, on which an aeration unit is installed, created at the Belarusian Scientific and Production Association of Fisheries to maintain biological balance during prolonged oxygen starvation in stagnant waters of rivers and lakes. Installation in operation. The laboratory assistant makes an analysis of the water in the reservoir. 3rd plot. "NUCLEAR FILTERS" Moscow region, Dubna. Building of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. Institute staff on bicycles drive up to the building of the laboratory of nuclear reactions. Accelerator complex in the laboratory of nuclear reactions. A laboratory employee prepares the equipment for work. The production process of making nuclear filters on mylar film using a mini-accelerator. View of the filter removed through an electron microscope. These filters trap bacteria and even viruses. Filters are used to purify water, juices and liquids without heating, in electronic technology for ultrafine cleaning, for the production of respirators, etc. 4th plot. "FAST, TASTY, CHEAP" View of one of the workshops of the Riga production association "VEF". Employees walk down the hallway. The building of the public catering plant on the territory of the association. Chefs and their assistants at work in the kitchen, equipped with electronic equipment. Automated sections for the layout of dishes and dishwashing. Visitors dine at tables, order meals and pay with credit cards. View of the hall of national cuisine. Trade hall “Cookery” store; buyers choose a product.
Yu Senchugov, G. Holny, V. Shkarina
Film ID
oil industry
, public catering
, water industry
, animal world
, fish farming
, nuclear physics
, electrical industry
Number of Parts
L. Kaplunov, V. Kryuchkin, M. Maslenkov, V. Sudeikin
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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