Science and Technology № 22

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Newsreel consists of four plots. 1-st plot. LIGHT OF TOMORROW. Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences E.A. Abramyan with colleagues in the laboratory of the Institute of High Temperatures of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Animation illustrating the method of processing huge amounts of electricity and transmitting it through a pipe. Testing an installation in which electricity flows through a pipe. The external and internal view of the pipe is an electronic conduit. An experimental line of an electronic conductor several tens of meters long in operation. Power transmission line masts. 2nd plot. METAL OF THE FUTURE. The plot tells about a new technology for making foil at the Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy. Type of installation and individual technological operations for the manufacture of foil with an amorphous structure. View of the structure of the foil through a microscope. A view of the crystal structure of a metal cooled in the usual way. Laboratory experiments illustrating the properties of amorphous alloys. Samples of products from amorphous alloys. 3rd plot. FLYING MAGNET A boy pushes a cart on electromagnets. View of a magnetic levitation car made for a mountain track in Armenia. An employee of the institute in the cockpit of the magnetoplane. The magnetoplane moves on rails. Passengers in the magnetoplane carriage. 4th plot. ON THE COLOR SCALE. Researchers at work in the laboratory of the Institute of Theoretical Applied Mechanics of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. A sample of a thermochromic film created at the institute. The areas of application of thermochromic films in the aviation industry and in medicine are shown.
M. Rafikov, B. Slomyansky
Film ID
, energy
, physics
, aviation industry
, health care
, academy of sciences of the ussr
, chemical and technological sciencesmetallurgy
, technical physics and applied mechanics
Number of Parts
V. Dadayan, L. Kaplunov, V. Sudeikin
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