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Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences E.M.Sergeev, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences A.K. Larionov talk about one of the most acute problems of the Non-Black Earth Region - land reclamation, new developments by scientists in the field of soil erosion control, drainage, and the use of electronic and computers, laser installations. Researchers in the laboratory at the computer, near the ravine model. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, an employee of the breeding center of the Central Regions of the Non-Black Earth Zone (Selecenter) G.V. Gulyaev, Corresponding Member of the All-Union Agricultural Academy E.D. Nettevich, Corresponding Member of the All-Union Agricultural Academy E.T. the development of new varieties of winter and spring wheat, the development of the domestic preparation "Tour" for the prevention of wheat lodging. View of samples of wheat "Moskovskaya-35", "Barley Moskovsky 3". View of the experimental fields. Harvesting wheat with a combine, threshing grain, sorting grain into bags, weighing grain. N.S. Berkutova, Candidate of Technical Sciences, talks about the assessment of the baking properties of selected grain with the help of various devices. The laboratory assistant during the grinding of grain, kneading flour, baking bread. Corresponding members of VASKHNIL BS Moshkov, KV Novozhilov talk about the need to increase grain yield, about the need to develop means that protect the crop and which would not adversely affect nature, insects, and birds. Scientists in the laboratory are observing the larvae of chrysopa that destroy aphids. LN Trofimets, Ph.D. in Biology, talks about the development of technologies for the improvement of potato varieties. Scientists in the laboratory during work on obtaining healthy varieties of potatoes. View of the experimental potato field. Cleaning and loading of potatoes onto cars. Academician, vice-president of VASKhNIL L. K. Ernst speaks about the main directions of the development of animal husbandry, about the development of a large-scale selection system. Doctor of Biological Sciences A.F. Yakovlev talks about the mechanics of the breeding process, about various approaches to the selection of animals for breeding work, about the assessment of an animal by the state of chromosomes. View of breeding bulls, cows in a pasture, in a livestock complex. Scientists in the laboratory at the microscopes, the operating room of the All-Union Institute of Animal Husbandry during breeding experiments, operations with animals. A.V. Mezentsev, Candidate of Biological Sciences, speaks of the need for intensive forage production, the development of new methods of selection at the cellular level, carried out with kupotura clover and alfalfa. AV Mezentsev, laboratory assistants during experiments with clover. Doctor of Biological Sciences G. A. Debely speaks about the deficiency of fodder protein, about the solution of this problem through the cultivation of leguminous crops. Breeders during experiments with peas. The director of the Petrovsky breeding plant, MS Novikov, speaks of the help of scientists in balancing the diet in terms of the content of micro-macroelements and nutrients, and an increase in milk yield in connection with this. View of the village, rural buildings. A herd of cows, calves. Landscapes of the Non-Black Earth Region.
A. Martynenko
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, rural settlements
, geology
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
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E. Golubev, D. Kovalenko
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