Sculptor Tomsky Lifes Work

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N. V. Tomsky at work (chronicle). Landscapes of central Russia. River Lovat. A herd of horses is running. A blacksmith works in a forge. Chronicle footage: the funeral of V. I. Lenin. A sculptural portrait of Volodya Ulyanov from the collection of the Museum of the Revolution. Types of the city of Leningrad. Buildings of the Academy of Arts, the Russian Museum, the Hermitage. Monument to S. M. Kirov. Workshop of N. V. Tomsky. The sculptor Lev Kerbel speaks about Tomsk (synchronously). Lenin's bust. Monument to Lenin in Voronezh. The sculptor Vladimir Tsigal is talking about Tomsk (synchronously). Sculptural portraits of the heroes of the Second World War: Kozhedub, Pokryshkin, Gareev, Smirnov. V. Tsigal speaks about Tomsk (synchronously). Chronicle footage. NV Tomsky at work. Monument to General Chernyakhovsky in Vilnius. Monument to Admiral Nakhimov in Sevastopol. Memorial complex at the Borodino field. Monument to M.I.Kutuzov in Moscow. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin Wall. Busts of N. V. Gogol, V. Mayakovsky, A. M. Gorky. Sculptural portraits of J. Gelton, H. Johnson, D. Nehru, Dimitrov, Maystor, D. Rivera. Students of the Surikov Institute in the classroom. Monument to M. Lomonosov in front of the building of Moscow University. N. V. Tomsky's widow - G. M. Tomskaya shares her memories (synchronously and behind the scenes). Photos from the Tomskys' archive. G. M. Tomskaya on the veranda with her daughter and granddaughter. Dacha of the Tomskys. The building of the Academy of Arts in Moscow. President of the Academy of Arts B. Ugarov speaks about Tomsk (synchronously). Footage: awarding N. V. Tomsky Lenin Prize, N. V. Tomsky at work in the workshop. Pupils in the classroom at the Tomsky Art School. Germany. Berlin city. Streets, buildings. Train Station. Fountains. Lenin monument. Chronicle footage: the opening of a monument to Lenin in Berlin in 1970.
L. Schwartz
Film ID
cultural connections
, rewarding
, private buildings
, museums
, landscapes
, professional education
, cities
, railway transport
, sculpture
Number of Parts
V. Kolyushev
Other Creators
scriptwriter L. Belokurov
Release Date
Has Sound

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