Sculptor V M Klykov

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April 1989. VM Klykov speaks at the House of Culture in Kursk (synchronously). Writer D. Zhukov is speaking. The city of Kuibyshev. May 1989. VM Klykov speaks at the Philharmonic Hall (synchronously). Exhibition of sculptures by V. M. Klykov. Moscow city. VM Klykov speaks at the discussion of projects of monuments on Poklonnaya Hill (synchronously). VM Klykov works in the workshop. Sculpture by V. Vysotsky (cor. 1, 2, 4). Moscow city. April, June 1989. Simonov monastery. Memorial service at the Church of the Virgin in memory of the heroes of the Battle of Kulikovo A. Peresvet and A. Oslyabi. The memorial service is attended by members of the Memory Society, the wife of V. M. Klykov, writer D. Zhukov. VM Klykov in his native village of Marmyzhi, Kursk region. Works in the garden with her mother. The village of Grigorovo. Church restoration. VM Klykov at the church talking with the villagers. Landscapes. Spring flood (cor. 4). Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Prayer service. Present: Alexy II, clergymen of different faiths. Divine service in the courtyard of the Lavra. The city of Zagorsk. Streets, houses. The movement of buses, pedestrians. The ashes of one of the houses (cor. 5).
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urban transport
, nature
, rural settlements
, standard of living
, architecture
, private buildings
, christianity
, fire protection
, sculpture
, a family
, home life
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A. Bratash, V. Muratov
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