Sea Distances Await Us

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The film tells about the Vladivostok nautical school. 1 piece Ships in the ocean. View of ships in the port of Vladivostok. Panorama of ships, of the cargo port. The ship "Orenburg" at the berth (close-up) in the Vladivostok port. View of the city from the side of the bay. View of one of the streets of the city, people are walking along the street, trams are going. Signs on houses with street names: "Matrosskaya, 1", "Korabelnaya embankment, 21", "Okeansky prospect, 9/11". View of the monument to Admiral Nevelskoy. A panorama from the complex of buildings of the Vladivostok Naval School to the Amur Bay, on the shore of which it is located. Cadets pass through the school grounds. The ceremonial formation of the school cadets at the beginning of the school day during the raising of the flag. The officer reports to the head of the nautical school. The cadet raises the flag on the mast. The cadets are marching on the parade ground. The head of the Vladivostok nautical school S.M. Maksimov talks about the school, about who comes to study there, about the profession of a sailor, about the fact that cadets receive two related professions at school, for example, a minder and a sailor of the 1st class, a sailor 1st grade and electrician 3rd grade, etc. Cadets of the nautical school in the classroom, equipped with training equipment. The cadets get acquainted with the operation of instruments and motors. The teacher of the nautical school - the captain of the long voyage V.A. Volkov conducts a lesson with the cadets at the model of the ship (sync.). Cadets in the language laboratory at an English lesson, which is conducted by the school teacher I. Velikaya (sinhr.). The cadets answer the lesson (sync.). Cadets of the nautical school are trained under the guidance of a teacher to weave nets, knit sea knots. Sea voyage on boats of the cadets of the Vladivostok Naval School. Participation of cadets in the sea regatta. Classes of cadets at the production workshops of the school: cadets are trained to work on locksmiths and lathes, are trained in blacksmithing. Cadets master signaling business with flags. Master of industrial training of the nautical school V.M. Motor gives interviews (sync.). Part 2 Panorama of the interior of the rooms in the hostel of the Vladivostok Naval School. General view of the training ship "Alexander Nevsky" docked at the pier of the nautical school on the Amur Bay. Classes of cadets of the school on a simulator: future sailors learn to deal with emergency situations - to eliminate holes on the ship, jump into the water in the event of a ship sinking, and are trained in diving. One of the cadets is dressed in a diving suit for work underwater. Panorama of the building of the nautical school. In their free time, cadets play football, work out in the gym on simulators. General view of the vessel "Captain Man" in the port of Vladivostok. Cadets on excursions on the ship, get acquainted with the work of the crew. A former graduate of the school, who returned from the 1st campaign, talks with the cadets. Deputy Head of the Far Eastern Shipping Company Ivan Efimovich Kolinichenko tells the cadets about himself, about the profession of a sailor (sync. And for the frame.). Departure of the training ship of the Chukotka seaworthy school on a training cruise. The cadet-helmsman under the supervision of the captain is leading the ship. Cadets paint the deck, learn to lower the boat into the water. One of the cadets sings a song with a guitar (sync. And per frame.) On the deck of the ship. Type of document - "Certificate of a qualified sailor" ", which is received by graduates of the nautical school. Ceremonial presentation of certificates to graduates of the school.
T. Vasilieva
Film ID
, sea transport
, physical culture and recreational work
, professional education
, cities
Number of Parts
M. Ryzhov
Other Creators
sound engineer L. Ershova. editor T. Baranova
Release Date
Has Sound

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