Second Baku

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Caption: "To create a new oil base" Second Baku "in the area between the Volga and the Urals (from the decision of the XVIII Congress of the CPSU (b). Landscapes of the rivers. Panorama of the foothills of the Urals, the banks of the Kama and Volga rivers. The train travels by rail along the river (removed from The work of the geological prospecting party in the field Explosions The car with the inscription "Seismic station No. 1139" is in the field, the tractor "Stalinets" is driving. A panorama of the oil derricks. "Second Baku" on the map, the main areas are indicated - Prikamye, Ishimbay, Buguruslan, Syzran. Collective farmers of the Sterlibashevsky district of Bashkiria see off their comrades to the oil field. Buses with volunteers ride along the road. Panorama of the Ishimbaevsk fields. Oil workers work at a well. Stakhanovskaya brigade of master Kunyagin at a drilling rig. View of pumps and compressors. , supplying electricity to the field Turbine drilling is a method that accelerates the drilling of wells Panorama of a new oil field - Kuzminskoye, Krasnokamskoye fields oil. Oil fountain. Oil workers direct flows of oil into reservoirs. Oil tanks travel by rail. Panorama of the young town of Ishimbay. The streets of the town. Kindergarten. Polyclinic. School. Oil workers are taking technical courses. Sports competitions at the city stadium, spectators in the stands. Panorama of the banks of the Kama River (filmed from a floating boat). Oil rigs "Chusovskie gorodki" in the Kama region, Tuimazaneft, Buguruslanneft, Syzranneft, on the slopes of the Zhigulevsky mountains. View of a gas well in Stary Buguruslan. Panorama of one of the refineries. Ships are sailing along the river. Trains travel by rail. Airplanes in the sky. Military boats at sea. Tanks are driving along the road.
B. Weiland
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extractive industry
, energy
, armed forces
, petrochemical industry
, collective farms
, geology
, sports
, river transport
, villages
, preschool education
, landscapes
, cities
, railway transport
, air transport
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G. Amirov
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