Secret War Movie 1 - The Eve

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The film is dedicated to the activities of Soviet intelligence officers and counterintelligence officers on the eve of World War II. Newsreels: Germany, the Nazi parade, there are A. Hitler, G. Goering; torchlight procession of the Nazis; landscapes of the Alps, A. Hitler sits in a chair, Hitler at his villa in the mountains, guests at Hitler's villa, among those present: I. Goebbels, I. Ribbentrop, M. Bormann; A. Hitler gets into the car, passes in the car. The city of Brest-Listovsk, a parade of Soviet and German troops, there are Soviet and German military leaders; arrival and meeting of the Soviet delegation at the railway station, VM Molotov greets the greeters, I. Ribbentrop, a conversation between VM Molotov and A. Hitler; A. Hitler and G. Goering in the office; German soldiers are crossing the river on rafts, German planes are in the air; movement of the German infantry. Newsreel footage: USSR, 1930s. Streets with barrack-type houses; iron and steel casting, coal mining, hydroelectric power plant; the audience in the hall during the trial of the "Trotskyists", A. Ya. Vyshinsky speaks (synchronously); rallies of workers in support of the trial (synchronously), demonstration (evening shooting); military parade in 1936, M. N. Tukhachevsky at the parade, speaks from the rostrum of the Supreme Council (synchronously), present at the parade: M. I. Ulyanova, N. K. Krupskaya; M. N. Tukhachevsky, V. S. Blucher, A. I. Egorov, I. P. Uborevich; field camp agitator; the building of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs at Lubyanka; the funeral of F.E.Dzerzhinsky; MN Tukhachevsky, IV Stalin, KE Voroshilov, MI Kalinin, VM Molotov at the coffin; NI Yezhov on the presidium of the ceremonial meeting at the Bolshoi Theater; prisoners in the Solovetsky camps, a ceremonial meeting at the Bolshoi Theater on November 6, 1941; JV Stalin speaks (synchronously, without a shooting location), a German plane on the airfield, I. Ribbentrop gets into the car, the car of the German ambassador is passing by. Interview with L. Reichman, G. Velfe (Germany), von Hammerstein (Germany), V. Ilyin, V. Berezhkov, G. Kegel (Germany), Z. Voskresenskaya, Y. Kolesnikov, R. Werner (Germany) (synchronously) ... Photos by R. Sorge.
A. Ivankin, A. Kolesnikov
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places of detention
, energy
, central government agencies
, metallurgy
, repression
, funeral
, crimes
, state holidays
, political connections
, railway transport
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A. Kolobrodov
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