Secrets of Nature No 6

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The newsreel includes the following plots: Part 1, Plot 1. Forest Doctor The plot tells about forest doctors - woodpeckers. View of a forest glade. Woodpecker on a tree, hollows a trunk with its beak. Biologists are conducting a study: they find out how woodpeckers find insects under the bark of a tree. As a result of the research, they come to the conclusion that woodpeckers have excellent hearing and this allows them to find insects deep under the bark. Haberlea. The plot tells about the most ancient plant - Haberlea. View of the Balkan Mountains, a mountain river. Haberlei flowers in the cracks of the rocks. Conducting experiments with haberlea in laboratory conditions, which reveal the secret of its anabeosis and the ability to survive in conditions of heat and cold. 2nd part 3rd plot. Harp seals. Ice of Greenland. Helicopter in the sky. View of harp seals from a helicopter. Seals on the ice, in the water. Baby seals are seals in the snow. The female seal is crawling towards the cub. Squirrels suck their mother. The icebreaker goes through the ice. Ice cracks and breaks. The belek is crying. Male seals throw themselves into the water. A female seal rescues her cub that has fallen into the water, pushes it onto the ice. Seals games. View of grown up baby seals.
Film ID
sea transport
, air transport
, landscapes
, zoology
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
Ts.Danchev, A. Dubrovsky. S. Enev, Y. Klimov, V. Krivtsov, V. Kulakov and others.
Release Date
Has Sound

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