Sedovs Expedition Norway Vardø

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["Norway, Vardø". [1925-1930]] 1. Common. 2.2 m There is a radio tower on the snow-covered coast, in the bay in the background there is a steamer. 2. Common 3.2 m Deserted seashore (removed from the aircraft) 3. Common 14.3 m Two small wooden houses are visible in the snow-covered field, there are power transmission poles. PNR.4. Common 4.4 m Seashore (taken from an airplane). "Sedov Expedition". 1912-1914 Operator N.V. Pinegin. 5. Cr. 16.3 m Four small polar bears in the snow on the deck of the Saint Martyr Fock (renamed Mikhail Suvorin in 1913). 1912-1913 6. Common 2.8 m Sea, in the background - the coast (filmed from the deck of the ship). 1912-1913 7. Common 5.9 m A man on the shore is playing with a polar bear, two other men are approaching. 1912-1913 8. Cr. 4.1 m Hanging on a stick [newspaper], on which the NDP is visible: "Une brute ... Brame social de ..." and a large photo on the page. 1912-1913 9. Common 12.6 m One man helps another to change, dogs are lying next to him in the snow. 1912-1914 10. Common 3.6 m Two sailors on the mast of the Saint Martyr Phoca. 1912 11. Common 17.1 m Sea, Poland ashore (removed from the deck of the ship). 1912-1914 12. Common 4.8 m Outfit of the expedition on the deck of the ship "Saint Martyr Phoca", two men watering the deck with a cannon. 1912 13. Cr. 2.7 m k \ t Historical map of Russia for the period from 1619 to 1881 14. Wed 2.4 m k \ t The deceased is lying [March 1, 1914 1st mechanic of the vessel "St. Martyr Fock" Janis Zanders (IA Zander)] .15. Common 12.2 m Polar explorers of the group of captain P.N. Zakharov is preparing for sailing a boat with a mast on the ice. June 1913 "Norway, Vardø". [1925-1930] 16. Common 1.9 m The city of Vardø by the sea (taken from the plane) 17. Common 4.2 m There is a biplane plane on the snow-covered coast of the bay, a monoplane plane flies by. In the foreground - poles with power wires, two men are walking. 18. Common. 2.9 m On the snow-covered coast of the bay there is a Fokker F.VII passenger plane, several people nearby (filmed through the window of the house) .19. Common 0.8 m The Fokker F.VII aircraft takes off. "Sedov's Expedition". 1912-1914 Operator N.V. Pinegin. 20. Common 27.7 m The polar explorers are walking, two of them are riding loaded sleds. A panorama of the ship "Saint Martyr Phoca" standing in the ice. Sleds approach the ship, there is a group of polar explorers. 1913-1914 21. Wed 19.1 m G.Ya. Sedov and the ship's doctor P.G. Kushakov (with a beard) are sitting in the snow and playing with two polar bear cubs. 1912-1913 22. Wed 16.5 m Four polar bears play in the snow next to a ship standing in the ice. 1912-1913 23. Wed 20.2 m The same, other square. 1912-1913 24. Wed 1.8 m White bears on the deck of a ship, next to a dog, a man comes up and gives a treat to a bear cub. 1912-1913.
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, animal world
, air transport
, sea transport
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N.V. Pinegin et al.
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