Segment Truss Assembly

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Tutorial film for assembling a segmented truss (excerpts from the film manual "Carpentry"). First part. NDP on slatted wooden ceilings. View of the upper belt, lattice, lower belt. Striker markup. Builders take measurements on a wooden base. The builders are assembling the second firing pin. Marking on the striker of vertical nails. MLTK - the material of the upper belt of the lattice, the lower belt. Energy supply. The second part of. The builder makes the procurement of material for the construction of the farm. Making elements of various shapes on a circular saw using templates. Making material for the upper chord on a circular saw. The builder brings material for the lattice, boards for the lower chord. A type of skew-layer board, not suitable for construction. Ready-made clamps are delivered to the farm assembly site, builders install clamps. Installation of stops at the support nodes. Assembling the farm. View of the joints of the upper belt, located in a stagger. Trimming the joints of the upper belt, lower belt. The foreman works in the most critical places. NDP for construction. MLTK - truss correction, under load with loose joints. The third part. Laying the truss lattice. Electric plane cutting. Driving nails according to the drawing. View of correctly driven nails. View of improperly driven nails. The assembly nail is driven in away from the bolts. General view of the construction site. Driving nails after laying the second truss package. Marking horizontal nails according to a template. Installation of the last struts. Marking holes for pins and bolts using a template. Drilling holes for bolts and dowels with an electric drill. View of a bolt incorrectly matched to the hole. Installation of the channel. The carpenter on the striker after lifting the truss hammers in the nails and tightens the nuts.
R. Neumann
Film ID
Number of Parts
A. Kochanko
Other Creators
Scientific editor prof. N.M. Osipov
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No Sound

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