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1st plot. Stay of the German workers' delegation in Moscow July 14-20, 1925 Pioneer detachments go to Red Square to participate in a rally in honor of the arrival of a delegation of German workers in Moscow. Two boys are standing. Members of the delegation of German workers out of the building, take off their hats, waving them. Members of a delegation of German workers in Red Square, waving their caps in front of a movie camera. Young people gathered in Red Square for a rally welcomed a delegation of German workers. A brass band is playing. A delegation of German workers in Red Square during a rally. The members of the delegation are standing with packages in their hands. A bus with children travels across the square. Children on the roof of the bus. People on the square are watching the movement of the bus. Pioneer detachments are marching on Red Square. In front of the column are girls in white blouses and dark skirts. A locomotive with a passenger train is approaching the platform / Oktyabrsky / railway station. Meeting of the delegation of German workers who arrived in Moscow. A group of youth with a banner from the NDP “WILLKOMMEN TEURE GASTE. WELCOME DEAR GUESTS! ". Members of the German workers' delegation are going through a line of athletes. A car is going by. 2-nd plot. Demonstration of Chinese citizens living in Moscow / in connection with the events in Shanghai / (1925). Demonstrators carry a banner with a portrait of Sun Yat-Sen. A group of people at the building. The face of a Chinese man, the man lights a cigarette. A group of Chinese on the balcony of a building on which banners are posted in Russian and Chinese. 3rd plot. / Children's sports festival /./ Workers' festivities on the Sparrow Hills in Moscow /. Children's sports in the meadow: teams compete in running. Participants of a sports festival / festivities / do not dances in the meadow. General view of the meadow and the river (Moskva River?) Participants in the sports festival demonstrate the pyramids. Spectators are watching the athletes. Young athletes demonstrate one of the fragments of the pyramid. Panorama of young athletes performing the pyramid. 4th plot. Festive May Day demonstration in Moscow / 1925 / Participants of the festive demonstration are on / Tverskaya / street.
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, demonstrations
, railway transport
, china
, physical education and sports
, cities
, germany
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