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Animation of hostilities. View of the mountains covered with forest, in the background - the river. NDP of one of the American towns (filmed from above). A man on a horse rides past a herd of animals. Infant child. View of a small concert hall with a grand piano on the stage. Paul Robson sings in front of people in the hall (synchronously). NDP for the audience in the hall; people sing along, applaud. Photos of Robson from performances with his participation. Chilean singer Victor Jara sings to the guitar in the street, the audience sings along with him. Photo of Viktor Khara with his family. The singer's widow speaks in front of the microphone with a story about the death of her husband (synchronously). The funeral of Viktor Khara: people are walking down the street, carrying wreaths, a woman is crying (cr. Pl.). Panorama of the evening square filled with people (filmed from the top). American singer Dean Reed is performing. Artists performing with Dean Reed go out to people, tie their ties. People in the square are dancing. Panorama of the square, spotlights are shining, flags are waving. Passers-by on the street of one of the cities. A young woman with a child and an elderly man are walking along the street. The man is singing (synchronously). The man turns on the microphone. Soldiers are marching. Panorama of the formation of soldiers. A soldier in a trench holds a machine gun, smokes. The soldiers in the trench are looking through the sight of a machine gun. A detachment of soldiers is marching along the city street. The soldiers are walking along a country road. (Newsreels).
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, stage
, military conflicts
, animal world
, landscapes
, cities
, music
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