Self-Taught Suvorov

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The film tells about the original artist from the village of Vologa, Kalinin region, A.V. Suvorov. Summer. Sknyatino railway station. Passengers on the platform are waiting for the train. The train is coming. The village of Vologa. Motorcyclist rides down the street. Wooden houses. A man with a bucket crosses the road, goes to the house. An elderly woman opens a window in the house. A woman postman takes a letter out of her bag, a motorcycle is nearby. The owner of the house A.V. Suvorov goes to get the letter. Boys ride their bicycles along the village street, girls run after them. AV Suvorov sits at the table at home, examines photographs. The Suvorovs are sitting at home at the samovar, telling how they met (sinhr.). A.V.Suvorov paints a picture, sitting on the bed. AV Suvorov repairs a basket in the attic, leads the goats, carries hay to the barn on a pitchfork, milks a goat in the yard, mows the grass, carves a figurine out of wood. A panorama of the paintings of A.V. Suvorov in the barn, onions are drying nearby. A painting depicting a herd of cows grazing in a meadow. Painted wooden figures of people and animals are displayed on logs in the courtyard. Outskirts of the village, clouds in the sky. Cows graze in the meadow, with cut grass in the foreground.
A. Kosachev
Film ID
railroad transport
, rural settlements
, animal world
, landscapes
, painting
, peoples life
Number of Parts
L. Fomichev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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