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The film tells about a resident of the village of Zhiguli - Maria Stepanovna Chulkova, who for many years has been a village correspondent for the district newspaper "Leninsky Put". General view of the village Zhiguli in the Stavropol district of the Kuibyshev region. Residents of the village of Zhiguli are discussing the problem of kindergarten at the farm (sinhr.). A hay truck drives through a rural street. Men load hay from a hayd into the back of a truck. Local kids with bicycles on one of the streets. A woman and a girl, and next to them a boy with a bicycle, walk along a rural street past livestock farms. The girl walks along the road with books. Rural landscapes. The motor ship "Meteor" is sailing along the Volga. Maria Stepanovna Chulkova at home, in the courtyard of the house, talks (sinhr.) About how she became a village correspondent. Machine operators of the Zhiguli state farm repairing equipment in a workshop. Combine harvesters are working in the field harvesting grain. MS Chulkova in the field observes the work of machine operators, discusses (off-screen) about the problems during the harvesting season. The women are shoveling the grain. The machine operators are resting in the field during a break. MS Chulkova in the field surrounded by farm workers, talking with them. Kolkhoz milkmaids during the daytime milking cows in the pasture. MS Chulkova tells (for the frame.) About the work of milkmaids, talks with the heads of the farm, asks them questions (sinhr.). Fresh issues of the newspaper "Leninsky Put" come off the printing press. Meeting of the bureau of the district party committee; Among those present at the meeting: MS Chulkova - chairman of the group of people's control of the 4th branch of the Zhiguli collective farm, director of the collective farm AI Kanshin, editor of the newspaper Leninsky Put SA Mashkov, party organizer of the collective farm IA Kataev et al. Interview with the editor of the newspaper S.A. Mashkov and the secretary of the party committee I.A.Kataev (sync. And for the frame.).
A. Sadkova
Film ID
state agricultural enterprises
, livestock
, river transport
, everyday life
, settlements
, landscapes
, plant growing
Number of Parts
R. Kambarov
Other Creators
screenwriter K. Bakshin, sound engineer I. Shchenov, editor S. Podgurskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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