Serafima Kotova

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Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, assistant foreman of the Moscow worsted and spinning factory named after Kalinin S. Kotov in the shop during work, in the Kremlin during the greeting of the public figure of Belgium Isabella Blum when she was presented with the International Lenin Prize "For strengthening peace between peoples", in the Kremlin upon receipt of the award - the Gold Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor and the Order of Lenin, at a meeting with representatives of the Greek parliament, while receiving visitors at the district council, at home with her son and husband, while preparing with her husband for classes at the Moscow Textile Institute, while visiting his son in kindergarten. Chairman of the Committee of Soviet Women N. Popova and member of the Presidium of the Committee of Soviet Women S. Kotova at the House of Friendship with the Peoples of Foreign Countries during the celebration of International Women's Day. S. Kotova talks with the participants in the evening, dances with her husband. View of the stand at the exhibition of fabrics, shawls, carpets. Classes at the boarding school.
K. Genina
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higher professional education
, local government agencies
, holidays
, school education
, textile industry
, everyday life
, political connections
, borbazamir
, awards
, a family
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