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A film about the success in the service sector. Moscow city. View of one of the Moscow railway stations. Passengers before the train leaves on the platform, in train carriages, compartment, restaurant car. The train conductor talks about her duties, which the passengers perform for her. Passengers in line at the taxi stand pay off the taxi driver after the trip. The taxi driver does not give change to the passenger, explaining this by the fact that he himself has to pay for getting a ticket in a taxi company, for washing the car, for repairs. Service of the population in the hotel: people in the hotel lobby waiting for free places. The resettlement engineer resists filming the "spotlight," does not answer the operator's questions about the availability of rooms in the hotel. Type of hotel rooms. A man living in a hotel complains about poor living conditions, about being evicted from the hotel ahead of time. Customers in the hotel restaurant complain about poor service. Checking dishes by weight in the kitchen in a restaurant. Serving the population in the dining room. Visitors to the dining room stand at the cashier with trays. Director A. Ivankin is among the visitors. Visitors talk about frequent underpayments. Visitors to the dumplings talk about good service in this dumplings, about delicious food. Customers in the store take the groceries, saying that they are uncomfortable weighing them on a checkweigher. Customers in a self-service store present their purchases without knowing that the controller is not authorized to do so. The store director in his office answers the operator's questions. View of gift sets in the store. The seller says that it is impossible to disband them knowing that this is a violation of the rules of trade. Service of the population in the car service. Car repair in a car service. The owner of the car says that when replacing any part, you have to pay for additional services, although this is not necessary, but this service is more expensive, the so-called forced service. Selling coats in the market. Director A. Ivankin reads a receipt pinned to his coat, which reveals that the market sells coats made in an atelier.
M. Averbukh, A. Ivankin
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urban transport
, automobile transport
, public catering
, railway transport
, trade
, consumer services
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M. Averbukh
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