Serving the Soviet Union

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Newsreel footage: the capture of the Reichstag by the Soviet troops; The Nuremberg War Criminals Trials; the war in Korea, Santo Domingo, Vietnam, the Middle East; neo-fascists are walking along the street of a European city. Vietnamese artillery repels American air raids. Military parade on Red Square; military equipment is passing by. Leonid Brezhnev's speech on the need to strengthen the Armed Forces of the USSR. Military exercises "Dnepr". Infantry, tanks on the offensive; aircraft in the air. Crossing the Dnieper of tanks, armored personnel carriers. Disembarkation from an airborne assault helicopter. Pointing of pontoon bridges across the Dnieper, a pipeline for transporting fuel. USSR Defense Minister A. A. Grechko, who is in charge of the Dnepr exercises, and the top commanding staff of the Soviet Armed Forces are watching a mock battle of simulated opponents from a tower. The last stage of the exercise: combat shooting from all types of weapons in the conditions of the training ground. They shoot cannons, rocket launchers, live fire from tanks, grenade launchers from armored vehicles, from helicopters, aircraft. The plane is dropping bombs. Explosions on the ground. A. A. Gromyko congratulates the generals on the successful completion of military exercises. Military parade in Kiev of troops participating in the exercises "Dnepr". Speaks from the rostrum A. A. Grechko. Present leaders of the CPSU and the Soviet government: N. V. Podgorny, L. I. Brezhnev, A. N. Kosygin, foreign guests. Naval exercises. Ships, submarines, nuclear submarine at sea. Submersion, surfacing of a submarine. Launching missiles at deep, surface targets. The missile carrier drops the projectile on the target ship. Launching missiles at target aircraft. Sailors at the instruments. Rocket in the air. Explosions.
V. Boykov, B. Nebylitsky
Film ID
ground troops
, air force
, fascist parties
, navy
, wars of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, strategic missile forces
, armed forces
, 2nd world war
Number of Parts
A. Babadzhan, A. Berlin, I. Gorchilin, G. Dolzhenkov, A. Istomin, L. Kokoshvili, Yu. Korovkin, Yu. Leonggardt, B. Makaseev, L. Mikhailov, P. Opryshko, A. Savin, V. Stepanov, E. Fedyaev, I. Filatov
Other Creators
Script N. Gribachev, I. Stadnyuk, music by Y. Chichkov, sound by V. Kotov
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