Several Interviews on Trade Union Issues

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A film about the activities of the trade unions of the USSR. The city of Gorky. Gorky Automobile Plant. Production processes in workshops. Factory workers are interviewed about the activities of the union (synchronously). Kindergarten, recreation center of the plant. Armenia. Yerevan city. "Armelectromash". The territory of the plant. Shops, bakery, factory buffet. Factory workers give interviews (synchronously). Barbershop. Latvia. Riga city. Workers of the VEF plant give interviews (synchronously). Belarus. Collective farm "Soviet Belarus". Collective farm director V. L. Bedulya gives interviews (synchronously). Cleaning of grain. Streets and houses of the collective farm. Children are swimming. The city of Kemerovo. The building of the regional council of trade unions. Mechanization base. Base workers give interviews (synchronously). Kostroma. Weaving factory. Trade union activists are speaking. Factory canteen. The destroyed club building. A lock on the door. Trud Stadium". Cross at the stadium. The director of the stadium is speaking. Riga city. Sewing Association "Ausma". Design department. Production processes in workshops. Mine "Raspadskaya" in Kuzbass. Interview with seamstresses and miners on the work of trade unions (synchronously). Coal mining at the Raspadskaya mine. Crimea. The city of Miskhor. Children at the fountains. The doctor of one of the resorts NM Strakhova is receiving, gives interviews (synchronously). Vacationers interview (synchronously). Feast of Neptune. People who suffered in the Chernobyl accident and received housing in the city's sanatoriums are interviewed. Schoolchildren go to school. Yerevan city. Armelectromash plant. Trade union activist Savayan gives interviews (synchronously).
A. Pavlov
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coal industry
, energy
, garment industry
, school education
, spa assistance
, public catering
, state trade
, preschool education
, mechanical engineering
, automotive industry
, unions
, plant growing
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V. Maev, M. Minkin
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