She and the City

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A film sketch of winter St. Petersburg. First part. Winter, Poland from the park to the old building. The woman in the park talks about her feelings. A view of one of the streets in the center of St. Petersburg, a tram is passing by, passers-by are walking. Views of the city in winter. An ambulance car stands on the embankment, it is snowing. People are standing, waving flags (negative image). Views of the Neva, pier. Evening streets, lanterns are on. View of the Egyptian Bridge in the evening. The tram rides on the outskirts of the city. Two women climb the steps to the old mansion, walk in the park. Snow-covered "Zaporozhets" is on the street, buses are going. A woman in the room is combing a wig, talking about her romantic date. The second part of. Young women with strollers are walking in the park, the kid is playing in the snow. The old "Victory" stands in the courtyard-well. Courtyard views. Power lines, a tram is going by. Women walk in the park near the old mansion. The microphone is installed in the park, a woman comes up to it, talks about her feelings, walks away. View of the outskirts of St. Petersburg from the window of a passing tram. Passengers sit in the tram. Views of the new neighborhood from the window of a passing tram. Views of the center of St. Petersburg. The reels of the tape recorder are spinning. Pier on the embankment, ships. A man sells ice cream from a tray, queue. - the face of a woman in line. Two women are dancing in the room, a tape recorder is playing. The third part. Jet plane in the sky, the moon. An old mansion with a snow-covered field in the foreground. The woman approaches the mansion. People are standing, waving flags, a motorcade of government cars is passing by (negative image). The woman falls to the ground, rolls in the snow. NDP on a snow-covered field, a woman picks dried flowers, makes a bouquet. St. Petersburg, houses on the embankment, frozen water in the canal. Canal bridges. Types of the winter city. - a woman's face.
S. Vinokurov
Film ID
urban transport
, energy
, automobile transport
, landscapes
, cities
, peoples life
Number of Parts
Y. Nikolaev
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Has Sound

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