Shrapnel on Their Own

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The film is about the fate of people who were called dissidents and who protested against the policies of the Soviet state that violate human rights. PARTS ONE - THREE Journalist, former employee of the Neva magazine V.I.Sheiko, dismissed from the editorial office for publishing F. Abramov's story “Around the Bush”, sits in the kitchen of his apartment, walks along a city street, talks about his life, reads a poem “There were Russians. From a letter to a friend "(synchronously and offscreen). Former candidate of philosophical sciences IV Nikolaev talks about his arrest, about the methods of investigation, about his stay in a psychiatric clinic, about the impossibility of finding a job (synchronously and behind the scenes). PARTS ONE - SECOND The movement of people across the square. Street trade. A man is trying to sell shoes to passers-by. People at the building in which the Poisk cooperative is located, which is engaged in the arrangement of the personal life of single people. PART TWO - THIRD The artist-designer V.P. Tsyganko in the studio, at the reception at the OVIR, talks about his life and the reasons for going abroad (synchronously and off-screen). PART ONE A meeting of Soviet citizens who were formerly repressed, who suffered for their beliefs (synchronously). Passengers climb the ladder to the plane. Artists work in the workshop. PART TWO A janitor cleans the street in winter. Premises and wards of one of the psychiatric clinics. A man in a pay phone booth. PART THREE The traffic police inspector regulates the traffic at the pedestrian crossing.
I. Trakhtengerts
Film ID
, emigration
, court
, prosecutors office
, treatment-and-prophylactic assistance to the population
, crimes
, urban life
, medical institutions
, militia
, cities
, air transport
, utilities
, offenses
, home life
Number of Parts
V. Morozov, B. Titov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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