Siberia on Screen 42

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Altai region. Deer breeding state farm. Squirrel on a tree. The dog barks. Maralovody Popovs at work. Marals at the feeders. The building and premises of the Popovs' house. The Popovs are riding horses through the forest. Altai region. State farm Amur. Members of the "Romantic" club celebrate the anniversary of the club's foundation by the fire. Members of the club - breeders of the farm "Amur" at work on the farm of the farm. Cows grazing with a shepherd. Bathing of cows in the river. The leaders of the production of the 9th five-year plan: the universal milling machine of the Altai plant of aggregates V. Malyshev, the grinders of the Tomsk bearing plant A. F. Tsibina and T. S. Suvorova with students, the master - the "golden hands" of the Omsk knitting factory L. G. Klevtsova, weavers L. M. Leontyev and M. S. Popenko - at work. Performance of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sibselmash plant. A lecturer from the Philharmonic is giving a lecture. Competitions for young gymnasts from 46 territories and regions of Russia in Leninsk-Kuznetsk. M. Filatova speaking.
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animal husbandry
, home life
, livestock
, club type institutions
, percussion
, mentoring
, textile industry
, theatre
, gymnastics
, mechanical engineering
, cartage
, a family
, music
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