Siberia on Screen Number 15

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Special issue "THIS IS YOUR TOMORROW, ZAPSIB" The issue tells about the great work on vocational guidance of young people at the West Siberian Metallurgical Plant. Starting from kindergarten, kids are taught to work: children make toys themselves. Pioneer schoolchildren and high school students work on machines in the shops of the training and production plant. The guys carry out factory orders, and the competent jury chooses the best young master. The director of the West Siberian Metallurgical Plant Boris Aleksandrovich Kustov tells (sinhr.) About the great work of the enterprise to train young personnel. The Council for Career Guidance is constantly working. It includes experienced mentors - masters of their craft: N.N. Mikhailova, I.I. Demin, I.F. Kolomeets, Ivan Grigorievich Bely, N.V. Halimanchuk, B.R. Makhonov and others. Excursions for schoolchildren are held in the workshops of the plant. Among the guides, a full holder of the Order of Labor Glory, member of the Council for Career Guidance, electrician V.G. Kiprushkin. Educational radio classes, motorcycle classes, and a sewing workshop have been created for children. High school students and factory youth are engaged in aerobics, judo, swimming, ballroom dancing in sports sections. There is a youth center in the Spektr cafe, where children communicate with veterans in an informal setting.
L. Khoroshavtseva
Film ID
urban transport
, swimming
, competitions of professional skill
, gardens for children
, gai
, radio engineering
, other socio-political organizations
, judo
, ballroom dancers
, child labour
, dedication to the workers
, diesel locomotives
, schools
, ferrous metallurgy
, railways
, excursion work
, labor education
, meet the veterans
, freight trains
, garment industry
, childrens scientific and technical creativity
, aerobics
, cities
Number of Parts
A. Khomyakov
Other Creators
author of the text Y. Kotlyar, editor V. Popov, sound engineer V. Soloviev, music producer V. Zaitsev, speaker I. Ovchinnikov, editor L. Semenkova
Release Date
Has Sound

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