Siberia on Screen Number 18

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Special issue "WHO WILL TAKE?" is devoted to conflicts of interests of a doctor of frequent practice, tenants of premises and the administration of the city polyclinic. Acupuncturist Anatoly Georgievich Styukhlyaev is receiving a patient at the regional polyclinic # 21, answering phone calls. On the door of his office there are announcements, on one they offer to get rid of tobacco smoking for money, on the other they say about the prohibition of paid visits to patients. Two months ago A.G. Styukhlyaev was allowed to conduct self-employment - to treat people from smoking for a fee. At the same time, the question of where this can be done has not been resolved. As a result, he was banned from receiving paid patients in the clinic. Nurse Natalya Nikolaevna Ufimtseva (sinhr.) Tells how her husband quit smoking with the help of electropuncture reflexology. The cost of the procedure turned out to be cheaper than the cost of cigarettes. The Kirovsky District Court of Novosibirsk is considering a civil case on the claim of the Kirovsky District Financial Department against the doctor of the polyclinic No. 21 A.G. Styukhlyaev. The president of the court (sinhr.) Asks questions to the senior inspector of state revenue and A.G. Styukhlyaev. [Deputy head physician] says (sinhr.) That, in her opinion, individual labor activity in a state institution cannot be carried out. The senior inspector of state revenue (sinhr.) Refuses the claim for damages in 1250 rubles from A.G. Styukhlyaeva, referring to the violation of official duties of the employee of the financial department of the district executive committee, who made the claim. A.G. Styukhlyaev can continue to work with paid patients, paying the rent for the premises. In polyclinic No. 21, the chairman of the trade union committee and the chief doctor are sitting at a table with posters and the People's Democratic Party: “COMRADE BUILDERS! RELEASE THE CONTROL BUILDING FOR MEDICINE AND PATIENTS "," DECLARE HUNGERING! WE DEMAND RELEASE THE BUILDING! CHIEF DOCTOR. CHAIRMAN OF THE TRADE COMMITTEE ". Chairman of the Novosibirsk Executive Committee of the City Council of People's Deputies I.I. Indinka in his office in the presence of representatives of public organizations promises (sinhr.) To sort out the situation.
E.. Davletshina
Film ID
medical services for the population
, economic policy in the period of perestroika
, district courts
, city councils
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, types of vehicles
, executive committees
, district councils
, cities
, chronicle documentary film
, civil engineering
Number of Parts
D. Bavykin, S. Lavrent'ev, V. Grebenyuk
Other Creators
author of the text E. Davletshina, editor T. Paulan, sound engineer V. Leontiev, music producer V. Zaitsev, announcer E. Davletshina, editor
Release Date
Has Sound

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