Siberia on Screen Number 2

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Special issue of the magazine “Life and Labor. Confession of a Communard "is dedicated to the chairman of the Tolstoy commune" Life and Labor "Boris Vasilyevich Mazurin. Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk district, with. Talzhino, 1989. A village street with village houses. The house of the chairman of the Tolstoy commune "Life and Labor" B.V. Mazurin. Dog in the yard of the house. Room in the house: kitchen utensils on the shelves; a table with papers, letters and books by L.N. Tolstoy; magazine "New World" No. 9 for 1988 with an article by B.V. Mazurin about the commune; there are portraits on the wall, among them is a portrait of L.N. Tolstoy. Carpentry tools and household utensils. B.V. Mazurin stands at the gate of his house; takes newspapers out of the mailbox; plows the beds in the garden; with his wife in the room talking with a journalist; writes a letter; passes with a yoke along the street. B.V. Mazurin speaks (behind the scenes) about his acquaintance with the works of L.N. Tolstoy; on the organization of a commune in the Moscow region; about the relocation of the commune to Western Siberia; on the transfer of the commune to the charter of an agricultural artel of a collective farm. The issue of the magazine uses the portrait and personal signature of L.N. Tolstoy; b / w photographs of the life of the inhabitants of the Tolstoy commune "Life and Labor".
V. Novikov
Film ID
, rural settlements
, bytsel population
, dog breeding
, agricultural cartel
, sectarianism
, magazines
Number of Parts
N. Kovalenko, D. Bavykin
Other Creators
author of the text V. Novikov, editor T. Paulan, sound engineer A. Antonov, music producer A. Antonov, announcer V. Semdyankin, editor L. Gaidovskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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