Siberia on Screen Number 28

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July SPECIAL ISSUE “We invite you to the museum” 1 plot. Novosibirsk. Regional Museum of Local Lore. The exposition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Novosibirsk contains many unique relics and valuable documents. Photo of engineer Tikhomirov, who built the first stone building - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Documents about the architect A. Kryachkov. 2 plot. Altai. The stone is on the Ob. Granary, built in 1930 according to the project and under the leadership of Yuri Kondratyuk, one of the first Soviet theorists of space exploration. Photos, documents. House of Kondratyuk. Streets of the city. 3 plot. Omsk. Opening of the literary museum. F. Dostoevsky. Most of the exposition is dedicated to the Omsk period of Dostoevsky's life. Exhibits, city streets. 4 plot. Barnaul. An employee of the regional archive V. Grishaev discovered materials about Dostoevsky's friends in Barnaul: Semenov - Tien Shan. In 1957, Dostoevsky's wedding with Maria Isaeva. 5 plot. Altai. The stone is on the Ob. Museum of local lore, founded in 1920. Tour guide T. Morozova tells children about the symphony (musical instrument), about samovars. 6 syuzh. Tomsk region. Open-air museum in the old village of Komarovo. The atmosphere of life in a Russian village at the beginning of the twentieth century. Researcher I. Maksimova - SNKh.
Н. Култышова
Film ID
, educational activities
, archives
, cities
, art
Number of Parts
L. Kazovchinsky, V. Mamontov, E. Kozlov, V. Ashikhmin, V. Schwarzkopf
Other Creators
Lyricist A. Metelitsa, editor V. Romanov, music producer O. Burkov, sound engineer V. Soloviev, announcer V. Romanov, editor L. Chepel
Release Date