Siberia on Screen Number 29

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Scene 1 "Moskalensky State Breeding Plant" (cameraman G. Gvozdarev) Omsk Region. Sheep of the breeding plant "Moskalensky" in the pasture. Shearing; sorting wool. Ears of rye in the field. Cows on the farm (40.3 m). Scene 2 "Mechanical Calf" (cameraman V. Zabolotnov) City of Novosibirsk. Employees of the Novosibirsk Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture Nikolai Aleksandrovich Petukhov and Vagan Semyonovich Mkrtumyan in the laboratory. Milking a cow on the farm "Uchkhoz Tulinskoye" using a milking machine - a stimulating pulsator invented by specialists from the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture. Engineer "Uchkhoz Tulinskoye" Andrey Adamovich Shteingauer speaks about the advantages of the new milking machine (sync.) (46.5 m). Plot 3 "Secret of the Seventeenth" (cameraman A. Kovalenko) Kemerovo city. Workshop of the Kemerovo Machine-Building Plant ("Kuzbasselectromotor"). View of idle modern machine tools with numerical control. The plant's design engineer Vyacheslav Petrovich Chashnikov talks about the reasons for the idle time of machine tools; on the supply of machines without full completeness by the Sterlitamak plant (sync.) (47.7 m). Plot 4 "On our own" (cameraman A. Zakirov) City of Tomsk. Tomsk Bearing Plant. The workshop has an automatic machine, assembled at the plant by the hands of the plant's designers. NDP in the shop with new machines. Workers in the shop (28.1 m) Plot 5 "Holiday in the" East "(cameraman G. Gvozdarev) City of Omsk. Cotton Association "East". The weaver is working. Awarding of the enterprise collective headed by the director Ivan Ilyich Podkovka with the Order of the Badge of Honor following the results of the eleventh five-year plan. Ivan Ilyich Podkovka is awarded the Order of Lenin. View of the children's town, built on the initiative of I.I. Horseshoes (34.0 m). Plot 6 "Gems of folk talents" (cameraman G. Gvozdarev) City of Omsk. Participants of the festival of folk art perform in the sports and cultural complex "Green Island" (53.1 m). Scene 7 "Tomsk patterns" (cameraman V. Schwarzkopf) Tomsk region, the village of Kolarovo. Exhibition of objects of folk life; among the exhibits: samovars, horse harness, spinning wheel, tablecloths, washing board. Women are engaged in needlework. The villagers walk, dance. (16.1 m).
S. Berdnikov
Film ID
, industry
, holidays
, rural settlements
, exhibitions
, livestock
, agriculture
, cities
, awards
Number of Parts
G. Gvozdarev, V. Zabolotnov, A. Kovalenko, A. Zakirov, V. Schwarzkopf
Other Creators
editor V. Novikova, sound engineer K. Volkov, studio director V. Ponomarev, text writer S. Berdnikov, speaker I. Ovchinnikov
Release Date