Siberia on Screen Number 29

Film Information

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August 1. COMPUTER IN THE STAFF OF THE CITY SOVIET Omsk, operator E. Kozlov About the automated traffic control system of the city auto service, which has been successfully operating in the city of Omsk for several years. Electronic computers in the staff of the City Council. It will unite disparate control centers for transport, housing stock, and city communications into one system. In the dispatching office of the vehicle fleet. Chairman of the City Executive Committee Yuri Glebov - SNKh. Zhilmassiv. 2. MANSION FOR A SIBERIAN Omsk Region, cameraman E. Kozlov A story about how the housing issue is being solved today in the Omsk collective farm "Zarya Komunizma". The collective farm chairman Ivan Enne is the initiator of housing construction. Construction of houses. 3. BETTING ON YOUNG Altai Territory, cameraman V. Mamontov About great trust in young rural specialists, about their promotion to leading positions and party work in the collective farms of the Shipunovsky District of the Altai Territory. Promotion of young specialists to leading positions in the Shipunovsky district. Collective farm "Memory of Ostrovsky". Nomination of A. Borovsky and S. Zelensky. 4. THE OLDEST IN SIBERIA Tomsk, operator V. Schwarzkopf About the oldest pharmaceutical school in the city of Tomsk, from the walls of which more than 70 thousand graduates have graduated in 60 years. Pharmaceutical school. Nursing diplomas. First release 5. ARTIST TRISHIN Novosibirsk, cameraman L. Kazovchinsky A story about the personal exhibition of the Novosibirsk artist A.S. Trishina
E. Mordokhovich
Film ID
, building
, agriculture
, professional education
, utilities
, art
Number of Parts
E. Kozlov, V. Mamontov, V. Schwarzkopf, L. Kazovchinsky
Other Creators
Text writer V. Bykov, editor V. Romanov, music producer O. Burkov, sound technicians V. Soloviev, A. Kolbin, announcer L. Murzina, editor L. Semenkova
Release Date
Has Sound

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