Siberia on the Screen 47-48

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Khabarovsk region. The plot is about the Khodzher family - the descendants of the ancient Nanai family. Writer G. Hodger works in the office. Hodger's manuscripts and books. Photos from the family album. K. Hodger works at a construction site. The Hodgers family on the street. Khabarovsk region. Fur-breeding state farm "Magadansky". Foxes in cages. The foreman of the best brigade, Chukchi M. Rottvel feeds the fox, passes through the farm. M. Rotwell on the seashore. Khabarovsk region. Taiga. Deer in the taiga. A hunter with a dog walks along a rural street, then along the river. Lake. Pink salmon in the water. The plane lands on the airfield. Hunters and reindeer herders near the plane. Embroiderers at work; samples of embroidery on fur. The huntress hands over the furs at the collection point. Krasnoyarsk region. Tundra vegetation on the Taimyr Peninsula. The village where the Nganasans live. Local artist M. Turdagin makes sketches of local residents, reindeer breeders, deer. Works by M. Turdagin. Mountain Altai. Writer L. Kokyshev talks with shepherds. Chaban, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR V. Badakin, talks with writer L. Kokyshev at home, in the office of the deputy. V. Badakin examines the sheep together with other shepherds. Otara sheep in the parking lot. Mountain Shoria. View of the mining village of Sheregesh. Drivers in the roadway. Prohodchik VM Tepchegeshev at work. Minecarts loaded with ore. Daughters VM Tepchegesheva Lyudmila and Larisa in the classroom at the lesson at school. The family of V.M. Tepchegeshev on the street of the village. Buryat ASSR, Ulan-Ude. People's Artist of the USSR, ballerina L. Sakhyanova at a rehearsal in the dressing room before the start of the ballet "The Beauty of Angara", on the stage of the Ulan-Ude Opera and Ballet Theater during a performance. City Novosibirsk. Students of the boarding school at the Novosibirsk Conservatory in the classroom. Students' performances in the concert hall.
E. Mordokhovich
Film ID
animal husbandry
, mining industry
, rural settlements
, school education
, building
, livestock
, literature
, music
, population
, vegetable world
, decorative and applied art
, ballet
, hunting
, air transport
, a family
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Yakubbo, A. Lichko, A. Ignatov, E. Korzun, V. Mamontov, V. Lapin, A. Sidler, V. Khomyakov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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