Siberia on the Screen No 12-13

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Special issue Part 1 Funeral music. Sorrowful faces. March 6, 1953. Information from newspapers about Stalin's death. Again mournful faces. Mountain Altai. Altaians on horseback. They read newspapers. Funeral flags on the huts in the village. On houses in the city. “The very earth turned gray with grief” - winter landscapes. Crying people. Portrait of Stalin. Crying. Loudspeaker. Grieving crowds at rallies. Altaians at the rally "Stalin is the sun". Tomsk. Cutting Tools Factory - rally. Novosibirsk. Plant named after 16 Party Congress - meeting. Factory them. Central Committee of Garment Workers' Trade Unions. Crying faces of women. K.P. Cherenkevich said (SNKh) "JV Stalin was the most dear person in our Soviet family" and so on. He says with tears: “He is our faithful protector. We have built a wonderful life under his leadership. " Worker A.I. Chupakhin (SNKh) "We have lost a great teacher .." and so on. Part 2 Students. Children on the funeral guard. Delegations are loading wreaths on the plane. They are envoys to Moscow for the funeral. 9th of March. A rally at the monument to Stalin in Novosibirsk. They are carrying wreaths. A hill of flowers and wreaths. A crowd of thousands. Locomotive whistle. Street clock. 16-00 Machine stopped. A minute of silence. Faces. Altai. Chauffeur. Workers. Sparks of metal. "They are taking up a labor shift ..." "Personnel of creative labor." "Forward. Monument "And while the human race will live, the name of Stalin will illuminate its path with a bright light."
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