Siberia on the Screen No 13-14

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Special issue "PROBLEM AS A GIFT" Special issue for the session of the City Council of People's Deputies of Novosibirsk. Residents talk about urban problems. Part 1 The chief architect of the design institute "Novosibgrazhdanproekt" Gennady Nikolaevich Tumanik talks (sinhr.) About the architectural appearance of the city. Novosibirsk people talk (sync. And behind the scenes) about how they live next door to a garage, a zoo or a bus fleet. Deputy Head of the Exchange Bureau L.K. Protasova and the head of the accounting group of the same bureau, T.F. Khizhnichenko talk (sinhr.) About transport, household and environmental problems in the city, which leads residents to the desire to change their homes. The head of the West Siberian Center for Monitoring Environmental Pollution Valentin Vasilyevich Selegey speaks (sync. And behind the scenes) about the ecological state of the urban environment. B / W newsreels: - 1920s, Novo-Nikolaevsk (since 1926, Novosibirsk): the building of the railway station, city streets with wooden houses; construction of new buildings. - late 1920s - 1930s., Novosibirsk: Lenin House, Palace of Labor, construction of an opera house. - 1980s., Novosibirsk: Krasny Prospekt with passing public transport, high-rise building, supermarket. - 1984, Novosibirsk: sewage from industrial enterprises through a gutter enters the Tula River, which then transfers everything to the Ob. Part 2 Inhabitants of barracks in Kirovsky district tell with bitterness (sync. And behind the scenes) about unsatisfactory living conditions. Residents in new buildings speak (sync. And behind the scenes) about the lack of shops and a small amount of public transport.
S. Berdnikov
Film ID
urban transport
, sheds
, layouts
, architecture of public buildings
, gardens for children
, construction machinery
, design
, urban planning
, construction sites
, zoos
, unfinished objects
, temporary dwellings
, check in
, environmental pollution
, exchange offices
, street cleaning
, cartage
, railway stations
, civil engineering
, garages
, supermarkets
, aerobics
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Lapin, L. Kazavchinsky
Other Creators
author of the text S. Berdnikov, editor V. Popov, sound technicians V. Leontiev, V. Soloviev, I. Ovchinnikov, music producer V. Zaitsev, speaker I. Ovchinnikov, editor R. Ivanova
Release Date
Has Sound

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