Siberian Winter

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Winter landscapes of Siberia: a road in the taiga, power lines, forest, hills, bullfinches and waxwings in the trees, ate in the snow. Automobile bridge across the river. Novosibirsk city - traffic, pedestrians, bus stop, streets. Sports complex building. People are swimming in the ice-hole. The city of Tobolsk - streets, external and internal views of the Museum-Reserve of the Stone Kremlin. The plane is flying in the sky. The building of the Botanical Garden, plants. The snowblower is working. Children play hockey, ball in the pool. Cars and pedestrians, park. The diver takes a crab out of the hole. View of the Siberian village. The horse is carrying the sleigh. The woman at the well. Fur farm: cages with foxes. Passenger and freight trains are going. Helicopter view. The helicopter is landing. People are working on an oil rig, trucks are driving. The territory of the mining and processing plant, cable car. The yard and the building of the stud farm. Motorcycle racing at the stadium. People with skis at the train, skiers go to the mountains. Children go sledding. Farewell to Russian winter: fair, merry-go-round, dances.
E. Mordokhovich
Film ID
animal husbandry
, urban transport
, energy
, mining industry
, automobile transport
, beautification
, museums
, landscapes
, national holidays
, cities
, railway transport
, horse breeding
, motorcycling
Number of Parts
V. Krivov
Other Creators
Screenplay by Y. Chibryakov
Release Date
Has Sound

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