Signing of the Stockholm Proclamation

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The signing of the Stockholm Appeal in the Soviet Peace Committee. Among the signers: N. Tikhonov, S. I. Vavilov, A. L. Myasnikov, V.I. Muradeli, A.N. Nesmeyanov, A.I. Oparin and others. Rally at the Hammer and Sickle plant. Collection of signatures at the Moscow Ball Bearing Plant, in the House of Scientists, in the Central House of Writers. Meeting of Moscow women at the Green Theater of the Izmailovsky Theater. The signing of the Stockholm Appeal by the team of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky, in the House of Composers (among the participants - NV Narimanidze), at the Moscow plant "Gorets", at the Moscow tool plant, in the collective farm "Gorets" in the Moscow region. The signing of the appeal at the Leningrad factory "Red Banner", on the steamer "Lermontov", builders in Stalingrad, at the Dneproges, in the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR, in the collective farm "For the Motherland" in the Gomel region. The meeting at the plant named after Dzerzhinsky in Perm, at the Ural Automobile Plant. Stalin (among the participants - NA Nazarova), in the collective farm "Stalin's Way" of the Evenki National District. Cleaning of bread in the Kuban. A rally at an oil refinery in Baku, on the Krasny Ardy collective farm in North Ossetia. Collection of signatures at the collective farm. Kaganovich in Kyrgyzstan. The rally at the collective farm named after Kirov in Tajikistan.
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social and political movement
, science
, fuel industry
, collective farms
, public organizations
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, river transport
, theatre
, cities
, borbazamir
, plant growing
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Semenov, Shtatland, Nikiforov, V. Pridorogin, Levitan, E. Lozovsky, G. Zakharova, Filippov, Krylov, Grek, V. Frolenko, Lifshits, Mikheev, Epifanov
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