Signs of the Times

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International Exhibition "Expo-67" in Montreal. Soviet pavilion. Exhibits. Voronezh nuclear power plant. Remote Control. Engine room. Linear accelerator devices. Siberian Scientific Laboratory. City Novosibirsk. Embankment. Aircraft at the airport. One of the streets of the city. Professor Meshalin is performing heart surgery. Doctors in the ward. Logging. Shop of a metallurgical plant. Gold-bearing sand. Geological party at work. Huntress Samarina in the forest. Luchinskoye gas field. Drilling rigs. Gas fountain. Taiga village. Oil and chemical plant. Oil tankers on the Ob. Bratsk hydroelectric power station. Remote Control. Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station, Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant. Slavinskaya GRES. Remote Control. Control room. Power system block. The building of the State Planning Committee of the USSR. Professor Bagurin is speaking. Rostselmash plant. Computing center of the plant. Harvester assembly. Chronicle. The building of the old Rostselmash plant. Shop. A worker makes wheels for carts. Factory residential area. Pioneer camp. Children's orchestra. Children are dancing. Beach. Vacationers play volleyball. Cornfield. Trees in the field. Memorial monument with the names of those killed during the war. Presentation of certificates to graduates. Collective farm "Victory". Sprinkler in the field. A flock of sheep. Collective farm shop. Road construction, schools. Collective farm house, kindergarten. Agronomists in the field. Tajikistan. Chaikhana. American correspondent E. Stevens in Tajikistan. Collective farm fields. Pumping station. The central square of the collective farm. Palace of Culture. The old man rides a donkey. Stevens visiting the collective farmer A. Samadov. Fruit harvesting, loading them onto cars. Doctor, Doctor of Medical Sciences S. Khakimova talks with women, among students, with parents at home, doing an operation. Germany. Leipzig city. Speak representatives of business circles from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, France, East Germany at the spring fair in Leipzig in 1967 (synchronously). Fair visitors visiting the exhibits. Soviet pavilion. Presentation of a gold medal to the representative of the USSR. Belaz-548 at the fair. Armenia. Waterfall. Mountain landscape. The old church. Old church books. Armenian Observatory. Chemical plant. Construction of a tunnel to Lake Sevan. Yerevan city. New buildings of the city. University building. Fountain. The village of Tvarditsa in Moldova; honored artist of the Moldavian SSR E. Negru with family in the garden at the table. Palace of Culture. Collective farm museum. Vintage. Winery. Gypsy dance performed by a Moldovan ensemble on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.
V. Sofronov
Film ID
economic communications
, energy
, industry
, out-of-school education
, school education
, club type institutions
, everyday life
, health care
, museums
, agriculture
, astronomy
, cities
, a family
Number of Parts
I. Gorchilin, V. Komarov, A. Mochalov
Other Creators
Screenplay A. Kozlov
Release Date
Has Sound

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