Silly Years

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The film is based on materials from the Pathé and Gumont newsreels. 1918 Views of destroyed cities and villages (removed from the plane). The movement of military vehicles, soldiers. France. City of Paris. The funeral of the unknown soldier. Allied victory parade (July 14, 1919). Present: R. Poincaré, J. Clemenceau. Opening of the Versailles Conference (1919). Out of the cars: J. Clemenceau, D. Lloyd George, W. Wilson. The audience on the streets of the city, at the tables of the restaurant. Wedding ceremony. Writer M. Prevost. Russia. Demonstration on July 17, 1917 in Petrograd. G. Petrograd. Red Guards, sailors, soldiers pass by in a truck (1917). AF Kerensky in the military group. Ministers of the Provisional Government. Film portraits of Generals Wrangel, Kornilov, Yudenich. Lenin's speech at the laying of the monument to K. Marx. Germany. K. Liebknecht speaks at the rally. Street riots. France. Demonstration of clothing models. The audience is dancing. Attractions. A. Barbusse at his desk. F. Chaliapin's meeting at the train station in Paris. Turkey. Meeting of the French military mission. France. G. Paris. Steamship movement along the Seine river. Without a shooting location. Vehicle movement. Balloon launch. Ball. Negroes are dancing. Professor Voronov demonstrates trained monkeys. Demonstration of clothing models. Beauty contest. Girls perform gymnastic exercises, fence, learn to dance. The audience is dancing in the restaurant. Without a shooting location. Dancing in the restaurant. The orchestra is playing. People on the beach. Roulette game. Paris. The audience at the tables of the cafe. Artists sell paintings. Poets M. Jacob, P. Valery. Without a shooting location. B. Shaw poses for the sculptor. M. Gorky, R. Rolland for a walk. The audience in the theater welcomes A. Pavlova. S. Bernard carried out on a stretcher from the entrance of the house. L. Pirandello with actors. KS Stanislavsky with actors. D. Fairbanks, M. Pickford in the car. Ch. Chaplin gets out of the plane. Italian inventor Marconi at the radio. Airplane in the air. Takeoff of the airship. New car models of Citroen (France). Conveyor belt of the Ford plant in Detroit (USA). Car racing (France). Car tests. A conversation between Citroen and Ford. Playing golf. Rockefeller with his family. Great Britain. Dispersal of a workers' demonstration by troops. W. Churchill. France. Railroad strike. Police pickets. R. Poincaré speaks in parliament. French political and military leaders: Bartoux, Maginot, Blum, E. Daladier, Doumergue. French troops in the Ruhr area. French armored cars on a city street. Italy. Fascist parades. Speech by B. Mussolini. King Victor-Emmaluel. GD Annucio on the ship. Exit of the Pope. Poland. Yu Pilsudski with officers. Turkey. President MK Ataturk with officers. Russia. People on the streets, snow removal. Bread carts. Homeless children. V. Mayakovsky writes at the table. V. I. Lenin in a coffin. At the coffin I. V. Stalin, N. K. Krupskaya. Netherlands. Kaiser Wilhelm II walks in the park. France. G. Paris. Tram and bicycle traffic. Competitions of athletes, boxers. M. Chevalier speaks to the public. Music Hall Moulin Rouge. J. Becker speaking. Actors G. Lloyd, J. Kogan, Pati, I. Mozzhukhin on the street. Shooting a film at a film studio. Flight Paris-Tokyo: aircraft start. Night Paris. The singer is singing in the hall (synchronously in French). 1926 Funeral of R. Valentino. P. Negri at the coffin. A fragment of the film with the participation of Valentino. People in the restaurant. Singer on stage. Writer A. Malraux at his desk. France. G. Paris. Dancing on the streets of the city. Exhibition of works by members of the French Academy of Arts. USA. Seeing off the pilot I. Lindberg (flight across the Atlantic Ocean). Meeting I. Lindbergh at the Le Bourget airfield (Paris. France). Solemn meeting of I. Lindbergh in the New York port. THE USSR. 1927 Construction of Dneproges. Collection of peasants. N. A. Bulganin. Nikita Khrushchev riding on a railcar. Shanghai. The coup of 1927. The arrested are being led. India. M. Gandhi with a group of people. THE USSR. Dneproges construction. France. Launching the Ile-de-France ship. The unemployed eat at the table. Germany. Parade and exercises of the armed forces. Testing of jet cars and airplanes. Airship flight. G. Dresden. The queue at the bank building. G. Berlin. Parade of members of the Union of Red Front-line soldiers. E. Telman speaking. Dispersal of a working demonstration. Stormtroopers in the streets, in a car. Torchlight procession of attack aircraft. Burning Reichstag. Leipzig process. M. Van der Lube in the dock. Burning of books by fascists. USA. G. Chicago. Arrest of Al Capone. Arrest of Kakko and Vanzetti. Demonstration of protest. The funeral of Sacco and Vanzetti. Meeting and procession of members of the Ku Klux Klan. Destruction of alcoholic beverages during Prohibition. New York Stock Exchange. October 29, 1929. Military parade in front of the White House in Washington DC. Address by President Hoover.
O. Gregoire, M. Alexandrescu, G. Touraine
Film ID
world war i
, fashion
, dance
, revolutionary struggle
, automobile transport
, international connections
, police
, fiction
, painting
, music
, leisure
, other socio-political organizations and parties
, sports
, river transport
, theatre
, october revolution 1917
, public leisure facilities
, sea transport
, finance
, armed forces
, cinematography
, social and political movement
, court
, public catering
, sculpture
, entertainment
, air transport
, city
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
S. Reggiani, M. Carne, R. Claire, M. Decobra, J. Drevim, A. Gilbert, M. Herbier and others
Release Date
Has Sound

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