Silver Wings

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The members of the crew of P. M. Vorobyov are preparing for the flight; in flight by plane IL-62 on the route Moscow - Khabarovsk. Dispatchers of the airport in Tashkent at work. Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. Airplanes take off, land. Honored Pilot of Civil Aviation, Hero of Socialist Labor N. M. Shapkin holds a meeting with pilots flying abroad. Landing of a Soviet plane at the airport in New York. Transportation of goods by helicopters. The pilot-observer of the Sakhalinryba association GA Pankratov from the plane determines the location of schools of fish in the sea, transmits information to the fishing seiner. Pollination of rice, cotton fields, vineyards from agricultural aircraft. Members of the family dynasties of civil aviation workers Semenovs, Rasulovs, Yeritsyan and others. Flight engineer B. A. Romanchenko tells (synchronously) about the elimination of a chassis malfunction during the flight of the aircraft. Cadets of the Kremenchug Flight School, the Leningrad Academy of Civil Aviation, students of the school of flight attendants in theoretical and practical classes. Leonid Brezhnev and others at the aviation exhibition. Design bureaus headed by S. V. Ilyushin, A. S. Yakovlev. Airplane designers at work. Newsreel. Aircraft of polar aviation; aircraft of the 1920s: "Commander", "Krasnaya Presnya", "Krasny Artelshchik", "Pravda" and others. Soviet aircraft designers: S. V. Ilyushin, A. S. Yakovlev, A. N. Tupolev and others.
V. Nebylytsky, V. Boykov, A. Vorontsov
Film ID
higher professional education
, science
, fishing
, international connections
, air transport
, aviation
Number of Parts
E. Akkuratov, G. Epifanov, A. Istomin, L. Mikhailov, A. Mirumyan, A. Khavchin
Other Creators
Script A. Zakharov, music by E. Krylatov, sound by K. Nikitin
Release Date
Has Sound

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