Slav Is Looking for a Slav

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The film is dedicated to the problems of interethnic marriages. The authors of the film interview participants in divorce proceedings, find out the reasons for the dissolution of the marriage. Citizens of different nationalities, social groups, gender, age state their point of view on the problem (synchronously and behind the scenes). Moldova. Streets and squares of the city of Chisinau. A flock of pigeons in the square. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Fountain in the city park. The audience in one of the parks. Parents walk with their children, carry baby carriages. Children ride carousels. Boys and girls walk the streets of the city, sit, embracing, on a park bench, walk along the alleys. Solemn registration of marriage in one of the registry offices of the city (synchronously). The court session on the divorce case between A.G. Ajumyan and S.M. Ajumyan (synchronously). The cover of LN Gumilev's book "Ethnogenesis and the Earth's Biosphere", a man talks about the book and expresses his agreement with the scientific concepts of Gumilyov (synchronously and behind the scenes). The Director General of the State Department of the Republic of Moldova for National Affairs and his wife are giving interviews during a walk with the children (synchronously). Hands join, cut into pieces, a wedding photo.
O. Tulaev
Film ID
, standard of living
, court
, higher state bodies and institutions
, everyday life
, population
, national policy
, a family
Number of Parts
Yu. Mikhailishin
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