Slowly Open the Gate

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A film about the inhabitants of the village of Usvyaty, Pskov region. Streets of Moscow. Yauza river embankment. Spaso-Andronikovsky Monastery, Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The building of one of the Moscow baths. The rooster cries. Kittens by the log fence. Hobbled horses in the paddock. Haystack, river, plowed field. Clay toys. Rural landscape. Architects Irina and Alexander Matveyev at home with their family, talk about how they ended up in the village after graduation (synchronously). Sasha is near a village house under construction, inspects new houses. Builders are covering the roof with slate, laying asphalt near the house. The village of Usvyaty. The fisherman is mending the net. Buses at the bus stop, shops. School archaeological museum. The teacher talks about the excavations in the village (synchronously). Sasha in the cemetery at the grave of his grandmother - ET Paynovaya. Residential 3-storey block house. Linen in the yard. Boy on a swing. Women collect flax. An elderly woman at the spinning wheel. Irina tells about rural life, the villagers (synchronously). The dog looks at a cat climbing a tree. The teacher Efrosinya Mikhailovna is kindling the stove, talking about her relatives. Photos from Efrosinya's family album. Streets of the village: Dzerzhinsky, Karl Marx. Wooden one-story houses. Lenin monument. One of the shops of the industrial plant. Worker at the machine. Usvyatskoe lake. The fisherman drags the net. Students at easels in a clearing. Classes in a circle of soft toys. Children's music school. Lock. Castle stairs. Bake.
I. Zhukovskaya
Film ID
, leisure
, out-of-school education
, rural settlements
, school education
, building
, everyday life
, museums
, landscapes
, monuments of architecture
, plant growing
, a family
Number of Parts
I. Zhukovskaya
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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