Small-Scale Mechanization Equipment on Main Oil Pipelines

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The film tells about the means of small-scale mechanization on the main oil pipelines. Filmed by order of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Organization, Management and Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry (VNIIOENG). Part 1 Rural houses on the banks of the river at the foot of the mountains. Sections of the main oil pipeline over the river and in hilly terrain. Map of oil pipelines of Russia. Helicopter in the air. The pilot in the helicopter cockpit. Oil refinery on the shore of a reservoir. Specialists in the exhibition hall get acquainted with the means of small-scale mechanization on the main oil pipelines. Among the exhibits are a stand with elastomers, rubber seals. Exhibits in the open air demonstration area: pipes, pipe cleaning device (scraper). Demonstration of the operation of a scraper, with the help of which paraffin and water are removed from the pipes. Preparation for repair of a section of a linear pipeline in a trench: a bulldozer removes soil, an excavator digs out the pipeline, a special unit cleans the surface of the pipeline from soil, the tractor's cargo boom transfers the pipe to the place of repair. Demonstration of the work of two machines, digging in the soil under the pipes. Applying a new insulating coating to the pipe. View of the section of the pipeline where repair work is being carried out from a helicopter. A worker puts a clamp on a main pipe in a trench. Manufacturing processes for the manufacture of pipe fittings, pipe clamps, seals of unique wear resistance. Ready-made clamps of different diameters in the workshop. Part 2. Gate valve on the main pipeline. The worker fills the oil seal with crumb rubber. Emergency car on the site where repair work is underway. The worker sets up a sign with the inscription: "Do not enter the danger zone!" Replacing the damaged section of the pipeline with a cord shaped charge. Explosion in the pipeline. View of a pipe cut by an explosion. Helicopter view of the ground-based pipeline in hilly terrain. Helicopter in the air. Demonstration of the pipe cutting machine. Workers insert a special device into the pipe to overlap the pipe section. Street lamps at the repair site. Part of the pipeline at the demonstration site. Replacing the damaged pipe section. Small-scale mechanization equipment at the demonstration site. Oil storage tanks. Oil pipeline on the mountainside. A section of the main pipeline above the river.
M. Mikhailov
Film ID
air transport
, oil industry
, rural settlements
, main pipeline transport
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Kuksov, consultants V. Galyuk, V. Petrov, editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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