Smiles and Flowers for Soviet Cosmonauts

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Stay in Bulgaria, Heroes of the Soviet Union, USSR pilot-cosmonauts V. Tereshkova and V. Bykovsky. V. Tereshkova and V. Bykovsky drive through the streets of Sofia, are present at the national holiday of the liberation of Bulgaria: the Day of September 9th. Parade of Bulgarian troops; on the platform of the Mausoleum of Dimitrov V. Tereshkova, V. Bykovsky, members of the Bulgarian government. Banquet in honor of Soviet cosmonauts. Astronauts at a rally at the Sofia University. Residents of towns and villages in Bulgaria welcomed passing V. Tereshkova and V. Bykovsky. Rest of astronauts in the city of Varna. The rally in the city of Mikhailovgrad, residents are presenting the keys to the city astronauts (elected as honorary citizens). Presentation of the Golden Stars of the Heroes of Socialist Labor to the astronauts of the NRB. Awards are presented by the Chairman of the Presidium of the National Assembly D. Ganev. Todor Zhivkov congratulates the astronauts. V. Tereshkova and V. Bykovsky lay wreaths at the monuments of Russian-Bulgarian glory on Shipka; flowers - to the monuments to Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Nazi invaders.
B. Golovnya
Film ID
cultural connections
, higher education
, 2nd world war
, awards
, cosmonautics
, higher state authorities
Number of Parts
B. Golovnya, V. Kopalin
Other Creators
Sound V. Kutuzov
Release Date
Has Sound

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