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2 box Kalinin Front, September-October, 1943 The city of Dukhovshchina liberated by Soviet troops. The swastika is painted on the inner wall of one of the temples and the year is 1943. Panorama of the destruction in the temple. The passage of troops through the Duhovschina. Horse teams are transporting artillery pieces. A group of Red Army soldiers is standing in the street. Soldiers of the 91st Infantry Division under the command of Major General Mikhail Ivanovich Ozimin on the roof of the building set up the Red Flag Panorama over the destroyed buildings. Sapper soldiers with mine detectors are checking the presence of mines in the destroyed houses of the Dukhovshchina. A sign with the inscription in Russian and German: “FORBIDDEN AREA. TRANSITION OF THIS LINE TO THE CIVIL POPULATION IS PROHIBITED. ANYONE IN LEGEND OF THIS PROHIBITION WILL BE SHOT WITHOUT WARNING. KOMENDANT ". SPERRGEBLER UBERSCHREITEN DISER LINIE FUR ZIWILBEVOLKERUNG VERBOTEN. WER DEM VERBOT ZUMIDERHD… DELT WIRD… ONNE ANRUF ERSCHOSSEN ”. A sign on the post with the inscription: "STOP AND TALK WITH THE POWERS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN". General view of the barbed wire and the barracks in the camp for Soviet prisoners of war. Panorama of destroyed residential buildings in one of the settlements in [g. Dukhovshchina]. View of a pedestal with a demolished monument. Type of burning huts. Soldiers with rifles run along the street of the village. A sign in German on the wall of one of the huts: "ORTSKOMMANDANTUR". Panorama from flowers to the stove left from the house. A group of commanders led by the commander of the 36th Rifle Corps of the 31st Army, Major General N.N. Oleshev is examining the map by the hay heap. A mortar battery, hiding among the sunflowers in the field, fires at the enemy's positions. The gunner is at the gun, adjusting the fire. Soldiers with rifles and machine guns are walking through the wheat field. The major from the shelter looks through binoculars. A soldier makes his way along the trench, machine gunners are firing. The senior lieutenant and another of the commanders are observing through binoculars. Soldiers are firing from cover into the field: soldiers are firing from a rifle, from a light machine gun "Degtyarev".
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Film ID
the great patriotic war
I. Panov, N. Lytkin
Other Creators
operator assistants Z. Feldman, N. Pisarev
Release Date
No Sound

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