So Let Red

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The film is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the founding of the workers 'and peasants' Red Army. Part 1. City of Leningrad, 1968. Participant of the 1st World War Yakov Ivanovich Kostev passes through the city. View of the monument to Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov on the Field of Mars. View of a snow-covered building. The building of the hotel "Russia". The house in which in 1912-1921. lived the poet Alexander Alexandrovich Blok. Engineering street (removed from traffic). Drive to Belinsky Street across the bridge. View of the building that housed the American, British and French embassies. NDP posters: “Workers! To arms! The Red Army needs you! "," We will not give up Petrograd! " Newsreel footage: - Volga region, 1921-1922: funeral of people who died of hunger. - City of Petrograd, 1917-1920 People queuing for food, firewood. Women are clearing rubble in the city. Start of a new steam locomotive. Passers-by at the curbstone with announcements. The Red Army soldiers are walking through the city; an armored car is going by. - City of Brest-Litovsk, March 3, 1918. Negotiations on the conclusion of a peace treaty with Germany. - Russia, 1917-1918 Combat action. German soldiers are passing by. View of empty trenches. - City of Petrograd, 1918-1920 Street barricades. View of a passing train with Red Army soldiers sitting on the roof (pos. 271.1 m) Part 2. City of Leningrad, 1968. The participant of the 1st World War, the Red Army soldier Yakov Ivanovich Kostev talks about the battles near Pskov with the German units of his 2nd Red Army Regiment (sinhr., Behind the scenes); passes through the evening city. Lieutenant General, World War I participant Alexander Ivanovich Cherepanov at the table. The city of Pskov, 1968. A.I. Cherepanov in the forest, on the battlefield, where his regiment fought. Veteran of the 1st World War Ivan Fedorovich Ababkov at the memorial stone to the units of the Red Army and their heroic battle on February 23, 1918, which stopped the advance of German troops to Petrograd. Kind of cartoons of the invaders. Newsreel footage: - Russia, 1917-1918. Fighting; wounded Red Army soldiers. - City of Moscow, March 14-16, 1918. The building in which the 4th Extraordinary All-Russian Congress of Soviets was held, at which the compulsory general education plan was adopted. The delegates get out of the car; enter the building. - The city of Petrograd, 1918. General education. People in the ranks. - Russia, 1918-1920 At the rally, the following speakers make speeches: poet Demyan Bedny, Bolshevik Nikolai Ivanovich Podvoisky, Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin, statesman Yakov Ivanovich Sverdlov. - Moscow, 1919. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin speaks at a rally, talks about the invincibility of the Red Army (291.8 m)
N. Kononov
Film ID
1st world war
, armed forces
, wars
, cities
, political propaganda
, revolutionary movement
Number of Parts
O. Romensky
Other Creators
screenwriter S. Zenin, sound engineer L. Lerner, editor T. Janson
Release Date
Has Sound

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