Society and Nature

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Syassky pulp and paper mill: conveyor with logs, line for the production of napkins, toilet paper. Factory treatment facilities; a worker takes a water sample. Bark factory dump; the bulldozer is working. Livestock industrial complex of the Pashsky state farm. Gobies in the calf. Conveyors transport manure. Diluted manure is pouring from the pipe onto the field. A cranberry swamp filled with manure. Drainage ditch. Newsreel. The bottom of the former Aral Sea; abandoned village, boat on the seashore. Fish killed in an oil-polluted sea. Chronicle. The birds are cleaned of oil. A floating crane retrieves sunken logs from the Oyati River, a barge with logs. Newsreel. Forest fire, spotted deer are running. Scientists on the ship sort, measure, weigh the fish caught in Lake Ladoga. Pulp and paper mill in Pitkyaranta (Karelia), production of condenser cellulose; industrial waste in water. Outdated treatment facilities of the plant. Pulp and paper mill closed by the sanitary service in Priozersk; abandoned branch of the railway, dismantled equipment of the plant. Landscape on the shore of Lake Ladoga. Scheme of the Ladoga Lake basin; conditional distribution of water pollution in the rivers Ladoga, Neva, Gulf of Finland.
G. Mikhailova
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protection of nature and the environment
, state agricultural enterprises
, natural disasters
, ecological disasters
, pulp and paper industry
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V. Zabolotnov
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There is no data
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