Sofia Russian Boulevard

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The film tells about the Bulgarian revolutionary R. Avramov and his activities, which are inextricably linked with the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. Photos of R. Avramov over the years. Photos of the Bulgarian revolutionaries. Historian A. Velov talks about the cooperation of R. Avramov with the editorial board of the Iskra newspaper. The text of R. Avramov's letter on V. I. Lenin's letterhead. Avramov's daughter talks about her family (synchronously). Avramov's son, L.R. Avramov, talks about his father's book, which includes his memories of three meetings with V.I.Lenin in 1918 (synchronously). Bulgaria, Sofia. Russian boulevard. Former royal palace. Monument to Soviet soldiers on Russian Boulevard. The city of Svishtov. The streets of the town. Monument to the writer A. Konstantinov. The house where the family of R. Avramov lived. The film uses newsreel footage: views of Sofia in 1910s, a bazaar in Svishtov in 1910s, a camp of the Bulgarian army during the Balkan war of 1912-13, the governor speaks to the army , captive Turks; homeless children, hungry children, on the streets of Moscow in 1921; distribution of bread and food to hungry children.
L. Christie
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and the february revolution
, private trade
, revolutionary and socio-political movement19c
, wars of the 1st half of the 20th century
, homelessness and neglect of children
, cities
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D. Katerov, V. Citron
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