Soldiers of the People Soldiers of the World

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1h - The plane is flying by, parachutists are descending. A tank with soldiers is going by. Chronicle: a ruined city, a German soldier is sitting on a ruined cannon. Refugees return home, ruined Budapest. Paris (filmed from the Eiffel Tower). Chronicle: the inhabitants of Czechoslovakia are returning, the Potsdam conference. De Gaulle passes. 2h - Chronicle: a meeting of soldiers at the station, a destroyed factory, a burned down village, men plow the land on oxen; speak W. Churchill, Truman; explosion of an atomic bomb; police break up a demonstration; aircraft carrier at sea. The greeters greet virgin soil volunteers. Generals Leisenger, Speidel pass; soldiers of the Bundeswehr. Chronicle: NATO meeting; Marshal Konev. Dresden Gallery building. 3h - Maneuvers. Tanks are going by; pontoon bridge over the river, command post. Military ship at sea. Soldiers in the exercise. Chronicle: soldiers at the Reichstag and on Red Square. Defense Ministers of Bulgaria - Dzhurov, GDR - Hoffman, Poland - Jaruzelski, Romania - Coman, Czechoslovakia - Dzur. 4h - Demonstration. Chronicle: children in a concentration camp; General Eisenhower with accompanying persons. Piskarevskoe cemetery. Monument to a Soviet soldier in Berlin. 5h - A Soviet sailor is dancing. The young man plays the guitar. A cruise missile descends. Representatives of the Warsaw Pact at a meeting of the Political Consultative Committee. Meeting of the NATO session. 6h - Meeting. Platform racing. Chronicle: Lenin looks, Zhukov looks. Moscow.
A. Kochetkov
Film ID
military training
, the second world war
, alliances
, foreign countries
, military units
Number of Parts
V. Boykov, O. Voinov, Yu. Golubev, L. Goncharov, A. Istomin, N. Karpov, V. Lovkov, V. Nikonov, Yu. Orlov, V. Gorbatskiy, I. Smirnov
Other Creators
There is no data
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