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The film chronicle is dedicated to the work of the Arctic Complex Historical Expedition (AKIE) of the Research Institute of Culture on the Solovetsky Islands. 1 box Big Solovetsky Island. The buildings of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery as part of the Solovetsky State Historical and Architectural Natural Museum-Reserve: the former pilgrimage Preobrazhenskaya hotel (1860s) on the Monastery pier, the Alexander Nevsky chapel (1854) on the Tsarskaya pier. Western monastery wall from the side of the White Sea Prosperity Bay with the Spinning and Korozhnaya Towers; the eastern wall from the side of the Holy Lake with Nikolskaya, Povarennaya, Kvassovarennaya and Arkhangelskaya towers. South White Tower with a grain dryer. The gateway church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1601), the Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a refectory (1557), a covered boulder gallery. Monastic dry water-filling dock for repairing and repairing ships (1880s). 2 box Life of the inhabitants of the village of Solovetsky (Arkhangelsk region, Primorsky district) on Bolshoy Solovetsky island. Trucks are passing along the road; villagers mow and rake grass; cows graze at the walls of the monastery; children play; women with basins are coming out of the bath; workers are repairing the roof of the cell building; goats are walking by the grocery store; a [fishing] boat was moored to the pier of the Holy Lake. Scientists of the Arctic Complex Historical Expedition (AKIE) Research Institute of Culture on the pier of the monastery dry loading dock examine diagrams and drawings, prepare food, study notes in the evening by candlelight. Architects are working on the shore of the dry water-filled dock: a girl makes sketches of a commemorative stele, another measures a facing granite slab from the side of the dock; At the ancient pier of the Seldyany Cape in the Bay of Prosperity in the White Sea, researchers take measurements and make sketches. Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient log cabin, pipes of an old monastery water supply from a solid tree trunk, scientists measure the diameters of the log and holes, clean the end of the soil, study the mechanism of connecting pipes, make cuts. Scuba divers are preparing for work in the Holy Lake, checking equipment and wetsuits. They are immersed in water. 3 box Members of the Arctic Complex Historical Expedition (AKIE) Research Institute of Culture on Bolshoy Solovetsky Island inspect the rusted hull of the monastery steam boat raised from the bottom of the lake, measure the remaining parts. They study the lake-channel system of the Big Solovetsky Island for supplying fresh water to the Transfiguration of the Savior Solovetsky Monastery. On Bolshoy Zayatsky Island, prospectors conduct geodetic surveys, divers examine the piles of a wooden pier, archaeologists show discovered fragments of 17th century tiles, a clay pot, and a metal hook. 4 box Researchers of the Arctic Complex Historical Expedition (AKIE) of the Research Institute of Culture on Bolshoy Solovetsky Island examine the shores and the concrete gate of the lake-channel system sluice (from a moving boat), the skeleton of the sluice valve lifting mechanism. The banks of the inter-lake channel are lined with stone, logs, and reinforced with wooden piles. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Solovetsky Monastery from the side of the Holy Lake, through the windows of the Assumption Church. Stone stele-pyramid above the loading dock gate. Expeditionary architects sketch the stele, measure the supporting stone slabs of the dock gates, use the theodolite, enter sketches into the tablet. Well and dock drain. Corner (Korozhnaya) tower of the monastery, masonry walls made of boulders, Arkhangelsk tower. Island Bolshoy Zayatsky: the wooden church of St. Andrew the First-Called, a sailing ship at sea. The boulder wall of the harbor, scuba divers are walking. A diving boat near the coast, from which scuba divers submerge under water, examine the piles of the pier and the bottom of the bay. Theodolite rail in the grass. 5 box Big Solovetsky Island. Monastic dry water-filled dock, sailing rogue "Pomor" comes out of the dock gate. The boat is docking, sailing ships are at the quay wall. Koch "Pomor" and the launch paddle past the shore. Archaeologists of the Arctic Complex Historical Expedition (AKIE) Research Institute of Culture study the log pipes of the ancient monastery water supply system, clean the end of the pipe from a solid tree trunk from the soil, examine the fasteners and the through hole in the log, take measurements, and cut one link. Underwater exploration of the waters of the Holy Lake, training of scuba divers on the embankment and test diving, box for underwater filming. A group of scuba divers at the wall of the tower. The divers put on their equipment, go down and, with the lights on, go under the water.
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, bytsel population
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I. Barabash, G. Chumachenko
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